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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Art of Never Leaving Well Enough Alone

OK, so the book is edited, queries out to agents, web site up, media kit finished, Facebook page filled up with new friends, and Scribd scribed.  Surely, that's enough already!  Nope, not for the terrier Timothy.

Being one who has an exceedingly rich inner life, there is always something unsaid or undone, with a multitude of twists and endings.  I always need a new toy,  something to add to the constant mix.

Spc4 Michael Murphy - Draftee, the blog, was hatched from that creative soup.  It's the perfect place for me and my equally obsessed followers to add just a bit more flavor to my already rich novel, MENTAL HYGIENE.   It is the natural resting place for whatever else my youthful protagonist Michael, or any of his cohorts might have to add.  It's got music, video, snapshots, and a wacky little tale of its own to be revealed over time.

Whether art is obsessive or obsession is artistic, is something to be debated on a more philosophical stage.   Spc4 Michael Murphy - Draftee is entertaining.  If you are like me, that's the E-Ticket.


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